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Semillasagranel and bulkcannabisseeds, well-known as OSS bank, belong to BBG Projects, a distinguished company in cannabis industry that was born in 2002. Since then, we have been able to gather one of the biggest winner genetics parent plants collection. We make our feminized cannabis seeds with them.

Our commercial relations with the United States of America, concretely California, allow us to offer the best American genetics. We have been selling them for years. Thus, we are able to offer more than 100 different genetics thanks to our own genetics and the good relationships we have built with worldwide producers. It is the result of a non-stop work and a huge knowledge in marijuana seeds.

Our genetics always comply with the best quality standards and germination ratio. It is not only because of our experience, but the dialogue we have created with our clients, who help us to keep improving our services, the quality of our genetics and their prices. So if you are interested in growing cannabis, this is your website.

This is a page for adults. OSS bank is not responsible of any illegal use of our genetics. The legislation about cannabis commercialization, possession, growing and consumption is different for each country. There are some who penalize growing while others allow it for industrial, scientific, educational, medicinal or self-consumption purposes. OSS is responsible of knowing the legislation of the countries where it sells and sends its products. That is the main reason why OSS bank will not sell or send cannabis seeds where possession or commercialization it is not legal. OSS bank has created a strict control so as to comply with the rules.

Grizzly Purple Kush, a very versatile plant

Today’s plant is Grizzly Purple Kush, a very versatile plant variety This variety grows thanks to a mix between Kosher, G13 and Purple, and it has a powerful analgesic effect. Todays plant is Grizzly Purple Kush, a kind of plant with 75% of sativa in it. This...

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3 tips to cultivate parent plants and cuttings

3 tips to cultivate parent plants and cuttings Keeping a low temperature, low Ec alimentation and pruning the top and roots. The maintenance of parent plants is the hardest job for a cultivator because there are cannabis plants that keep growing even in bad...

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Tips to get elite clone seeds

Tips to get elite clone seeds If you want to have best marijuana seeds possible follow these steps Today’s issue is elite clone seeds and the best tips to get the best ones. First and foremost is buying seeds with good genetics. Your trust seeds bank is the best...

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